Art for Change

Art for Charity

DilArt zet zich in voor een betere wereld.

In the township Langa in South-Afrika artist Lonwabo Vimbi is voluntarily making children aquinted with Art.  His project if fully depending on donations and charity. DilArt is supporting this by wiring a monthly fee. 100% of your donation goes to this project. 



Lonwabo Vimbi

Lonwabo is born in 1994 in Johannesburg. Creativity is his world and he creates art that is mostly inspired and based on his childhood. Lonwabo grew up in a violent society, where he experienced things that are not good especially not for young people.

‘At times my artwork takes me back to the times my step-dad used to abuse my mom physically and emotionally’  #notogbv

He works hard on his true believes and his quest against GBV (Gender-Based-Violence).

His purpose is to create a social  change in the society he lives in. Through his artwork he creates awareness and condemns violence  (GBV) against Women and children by men.

He is currently working on a project ‘Women Empowerment’. Through his art he wants women to see the beauty and power they have.   He believes that one day he will be able to change his society and how it deals with GBV.