'My art is like real life: a journey, an adventure, developing by experience and often a bit rough.'

Herold van den Berg

Born in Breda and after living in London and Amsterdam, I settled in the 'artist village' Laren NH. Creative free spirit, contemplative and imaginative. A strong preference for round shapes, social engagement and challenging the status quo.

'Art for change' 

Art reflects the 'zeitgeist', what we are as a society, but above all where we are moving to. My artwork arises from my interpretation of social developments and challenges. I like to contribute to the necessary (social) change and I aim for reflection and awareness. 

'Monument for Tolerance’

On 16th November 2022 we unveiled the ‘Monument for Tolerance’ in Laren that I worked on for 14 months (foto below shows the symbolically revealed small replica of the real monument, foto bottom)..

Part of the profit is used for social purpose.

Monument voor Verdraagzaamheid in Laren nh I