‘Existence’ ⭕️ ø 60cm

€ 3.000,00

From the series Zeitgeist ⭕️ this new version in ø 60cm 

When creating this piece, I embraced the mysticism of life. The artwork was created by following my intuition and by chance. The different layers of resin work together to create a dance of color and texture that captures the essence of spontaneity, growth and subconscious. It is a freestanding testimony of resilience, created to withstand the elements. It is more than a sculpture; it is the soul of existence, ready to infuse your home with its dynamic spirit.

It comes standard with a wooden pedestal. But any other pedestal on request and fit to your wishes and circumstances. For outdoor use a stone pedestal would be advised. 

Size ⭕️ is ø 60 cm total sculpture (hxbxdx) is 80x60x60 cm