‘Watch my back’ Bronze

Nu te zien bij SEB Gallery te Tilburg
€ 13.000,00

When creating this bronze statue, I poured my soul into creating a piece that draws attention to the growing search of young people for the essence of existence and authenticity. The structured surfaces and final form capture a moment of vulnerability and embody the powerful and beautiful qualities in every person and basis of approval of our presence. This free-standing bronze figure, designed for indoor contemplation and as a beacon outdoors, symbolizes the strength, vulnerability and beauty in every person. It will enrich any space with the  surprising interaction with the changing presence of elements such as light, nature and air .

Edition 2/8

150 x 50 x 25 cm on a ia pedestal of Belgian bluestone (30kg, 40x20x20cm)


aanbetaling € 3.500 en maandelijks €250 (gedurende 24 maanden)